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Supercross is designed for use at the framing stage of construction making sure that the building you are working on is safe and will not move.

Based on findings from the 2011 Canterbury earthquake we have designed a bracing system that far exceeds the minimum requirements of the building code.

Supercross Bracing Systems are designed to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and have been tested and analysed using the P21 method referenced in NZS 3604:2011 listed as an acceptable solution B1/AS1 Structure. Testing was carried out using Supercross panels manufactured by Bracing Solutions Ltd.

This is very simple, wherever there is a nail hole that has timber behind it, fill it with a 30mm x 3.15 diameter product nail.
You can nail the panel on either by hand or with a product nail gun.

Supercross Bracing gives you the advantage of lining the interior walls with whatever product you wish to use, as long as the lining complies with the building code requirements.  

Nailing on the Supercross panels



•    Supercross is Code Marked and accepted by all territorial authorities

•    Cost effective - Costs less than conventional bracing systems

•    No cutting needed - Saves time for the builder

•    No marking needed - Just nail on where the punched holes are

•    No temporary bracing required - Bracing is installed once frames are up

•    Supercross panels are made of galvanized steel

•    Supercross portal system - In a lot of cases it eliminates steel portals

•    Freedom to select internal wall linings

•    Performance not affected by moisture

•    Can be retro fitted

•    Simple installation either at pre-nail or on site

•    Can be fitted to exterior or interior walls

Supercross Bracing Units
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